The Honda B18A

The Honda B18A (not to be confused with the B18A1 from the integras) is basically a de-stroked B20A, Powered by twin carbs producting 130PS, Everything on this motor is compatible with the B20A. The block dimensions are the same, however the head is different as the intake ports are square for the dual carb intake manifold. So if you wanted to install PGM-FI on the B18A you will need to change the head to a B20A head.

The gearboxes are interchangable but somewhat different, The B20A manual gearboxes (B2K5 and F2K5) are bigger, and heavier and look completely different to the Manual 5 speed gearbox for the B18A. The B18A's Manual Gearbox looks exactly the same as the gearbox from an A20A engine, The B18A gearboxes are fully compatible with A20A gearboxes, Meaning all the parts swap over. You can simply take a B18A bellhousing and mate an A20A gearbox to it. Another common thing to do is install shorter gear ratios from a 1st generation integra d16a dohc, as those gear boxes are compatible internally also.

B18A Engine Specifications 

 - Displacement: 1,834cc
 - Bore: 81 mm (3.2 in)
 - Stroke: 89 mm (3.5 in)
 - Compression: 9.5:1
 - Power: 130PS at 6000RPM
 - Torque: 16.4 kg-m at 4000RPM
 - Aspiration:Dual Keihin Side draught CV Carburretors
 - Fuel Milage: 12.6km/Liter (29.6MPG)
 - Redline: 6500 RPM
 - Rev Limiter: UNKNOWN

Came in trim models EXL-S, EX-S, LXR-S and LX-S in japan. 


Author note: Here in New zealand i havent really seen many of these motors still running, The ones that have broken down usually all have run bearings so i can only say the bottom end on the B18A is not that strong.