B20A Part Numbers

Heres a list of B20A engine parts and their  honda part numbers.

Genuine B20A 

12251-PH3-033 - OEM Honda Head Gasket Only

19210-PH3-305 - OEM Honda Water Pump

17220-PH3-000  - OEM Honda Air Cleaner

14510-PH3-003 - Tensioner, Timing Belt

14711-PH3-000 - Valve, Intake

14721-PH3-000  - Valve, Exhaust

17105-PH3-S00 - Gasket, Intake Manifold

19222-PH3-000 - Gasket, Water Pump

19313-PH3-000 - Gasket, Thermostat

19502-PH3-020 - Hose, Lower Radiator

90213-PH3-000 - Nut, Valve Cover

11853-PH3-000 - Grommet, PCV Valve

13101-ph3-010 - Piston (B20A,B20A8)

12341-PH3-000 - Valve Cover Gasket 


Direct Compatible Parts

15100-PK1-660 - Oil Pump (B20A5) 

14721-PJ5-600 - Valve, Exhaust 

13101-PH3-010 - Piston (B20A,B20A8) 

13101-PK2-750 - Piston (b20a7 10.5:1)

13101-PK2-010 - Piston (b20a9)

13101-PH3-000 - Piston (b20a2, 9.5:1)

14111-PH3-010 - Intake Camshaft (B20A1, B20A8)

14121-PH3-010 - Exhaust Camshaft (B20A1, B20A8)

14111-PH3-600 - Intake Camshaft (B20A2)

14121-PH3-600 - Exhuast Camshaft (B20A2)

14111-PH3-010 - Intake Camshaft (B20A5,B20A6)

14121-PK2-000 - Exhaust Camshaft (B20A5, B20A6)

14111-PK2-750 - Intake Camshaft (B20A7)

14121-PK2-750 - Exhaust Camshaft (B20A7)

12341-pk2-000 - Valve Cover Gasket (88-91 BA5 Prelude B20A5)


More information will be added as it becomes available.