Using a Non-VTEC B series Distributor

When doing an OBD1 swap on a B20A equipped vehicle, The 1st thing you want to do is swap the OBD0 distributor for a OBD1 distributor. I have found the easiest way to do this is to use a Non-Vtec B series one. These are found on the B18B (Orthia & DC4 integra) and B20B engines (CRV and Orthia). OBD1 or OBD2 doesnt matter as they are the same, The plugs will be different though but grab the pigtails as you will need to do some wiring to make these work on your OBD0 B20A engine wiring loom.

Heres a photo of the motor your looking for to steal the distributor from:



 To make this distributor bolt to your B20A you will need to take the Intake camshaft cap that the distributor bolts to circled in red in this photo:


You will need to remove the rocker cover to take the cam cap off as theres two more bolts underneath.

Take one Honda B20A, Remove the rocker cover, Remove the cam cap the distributor bolts onto and bolt the B18B/B20B cam cap onto the motor, Re-install the rocker cover. 


Note how the b18B/B20B cam cap is higher than where the B20A one used to be:



Now bolt the B18B/B20B distributor to the motor. Note: it will only bolt on with two bolts, You will need to modify the third mounting tab to use it (the one closest to the firewall). Im running mine without this bolt as i see two bolts plenty.






And there you have it, One B20A with OBD1 Distributor ready for the rest of your OBD1 swap.